Node 01. Design Thinking for Blockchains

Hosted by Patara - Burak Arikan, Cenk Dolek & Engin Erdogan

The Design Thinking for Blockchain Node introduces design thinking into Web3 stack as a collective and creative process for protocol design.

Considering blockchains will have a significant impact on all walks of life, protocol design should be a multi-disciplinary activity and include a variety of inputs in the conception stage to prevent creator biases being baked into platforms. The team behind the Node developed a unique methodology with this purpose by combining elements of design thinking, network science, and crypto economics. All disciplines and experience levels are invited to partake in designing new blockchains for a variety of domains.

This workshop is a people-first systems design exercise: starting with mapping ecosystems and journeys, identifying pain points of centralization and opportunities to disintermediate. Participants will learn and utilize hands-on design thinking methods including stakeholder analysis, network modeling, journey mapping, and structured brainstorming. In the end, participants will present their group work, collect feedback, and discuss expected outcomes and implications.

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