Node 02. Nature 2.0

Hosted by Garrett MacDonald, Ewald Hesse, Trent McConaghy, Primavera de Filippi, Dimi DeJonghe & Paul Siedler as well as Shermin Voshmgir, Jakob Hackel and Valentin Kalinov from the Cryptoeconomics Research Lab, WU Wien

Imagine a world where nature has the ability to interact with humanity as a person or company does. Nature 2.0 can be created with the combination of Web3 infrastructure and AI, enabling nature to interact with the modern constructs of our society. When nature can be self-sovereign, make decisions and business models, it will be able to create economic value which enables it to sustain long into the future, autonomously. As creatures who are fundamentally dependant on the well-being of nature, automating the preservation and regrowth of it ought to be one of our main priorities. Throughout the Web3 summit we are proud to feature some of the leading thinkers in AI, DAO, and nature restoration technology, who will host workshops in the node throughout the event. Our goal is to attract bright people who want to make an impact, and equip and inspire them to implement Nature 2.0.