Node 04. UX – User Experience

Hosted by CONFLUX - Aqueel Mohammad

Design is an organic collection of interconnected practices that create value while examining our world through an empathic lens. It is imperative that we engage and empower designers in the ecosystem at all levels of the dialog through; Mechanism design, Systems design, and most importantly Experience design, to ensure that we do not marginalize any segments when developing entirely new paradigms of human interactions and connectivity. Prioritization of intelligent design will be key to bringing awareness to the true potential of decentralized technologies and bridging the gap between usability and user adoption.

The goal of the UX node is to catalyze and leverage these opportunities for cross pollination with the utilization of human-centered design methodologies, engaging the diverse set of stakeholders working on the core components of the decentralised web and Web3 technology stack to participate equally in helping solve the UX issue that persist.