Node 05. Technical Teachings

Hosted by KI Decentralized - Eric Holst & Wilfried Kopp

The Technical Teachings Node will provide a series of teach-ins focused on the building of various decentralized protocols and solving problems in relation to them. Drop by the Node for the full schedule; this is expected to include the following sessions:

EIPs 1103, 1193 and what they mean for your DApp.
Mist – Alex Van de Sande, Everton Fraga, Marc Garreau, Philipp Langhans & Ryan Ghods

Mist was the first browser to implement a JavaScript bridge to the ethereum blockchain. With the growing number of browser extensions, mobile browsers and applications with that same goal, the community got together to standardize a privacy-oriented, more secure way to bridge those two worlds. In our session, we will explain the changes Dapps should make to conform to EIPs 1103 and 1193 and be ethereum enabled and not tied to one specific browser or extension.

ERC777 – Jacques Dafflon
Short talk and AMA on all you need to know about ERC777.

Enterprise Blockchain Solutions – Problems and Tradeoffs
BigchainDB – Gautam Dhameja

The process of building and deploying enterprise blockchain solutions brings a new set of problems with it – key and identity management, (how much) decentralization, privacy, scalability and so on. It’s hard to solve all of them together but there are some clean tradeoffs which can help with prioritizing some of these problems based on use-case scenarios. The session will focus on some of these enterprise blockchain scenarios and how we can achieve these tradeoffs.