Node 06. DApp City

hosted by Streamr - Juuso Takalainen, Eric Andrews, Miroslav Pokrovskii, Jarno Marttila, Weilei Yu & Amandine Flachs

DApp City Node is focused on the theme around smart city, with IoT and blockchain at its core. There are many challenges slowing down the progress in smart city deployment, including identity management and trust/less mechanism for millions of IoT devices, open vs proprietary data exchange, protocol standards, segregation of responsibilities/concerns. During the three days at Web3 Summit, the goal is not to find a solution to all these challenges but to create a space to foster open discussion and offer relevant workshops in the topics of open-source hardware roadmap, IoT-blockchain integration, AI/self-driving cars accident resolution. Lastly, we will provide plenty of IoT hardware and blockchain mentoring for anyone interested in doing some hands-on hacking.