Caty Tedman

Head of Partnerships - CryptoKitties

Caty is the Head of Partnerships for CryptoKitties. She leads the partnerships team to engage AAA IP brand sponsors. Caty spends her time talking to prospective partners about the exciting future of blockchain and cryptocollectibles, while getting some of the biggest brands in the world excited about a new world of consumer engagement and revenue potential.
Caty has an MBA from UBC’s Sauder School of Business, and, previous to working on CryptoKitties, was Axiom Zen’s Senior Strategist. Caty has worked with the NFL as Director, Social Media, Strategy and Analytics, driving data based decisions and strategy. She has also worked for the NHL as Manager, Social Media, spearheading monetization and strategy, and leading content and sponsorship of social channels. If that wasn’t enough sports career
experience for you, Caty also worked for ESPN, as their Manager, NBA on ESPN in consumer marketing, executing cross-media marketing for the NBA on ESPN running TV commercials, digital ads, experiential campaigns, and campaign mobile app development.
Currently with CryptoKitties, Caty is focusing on tightening team processes, engaging major brands, evangelizing blockchain consumer facing engagements, and devising fun ways to marry blockchain and beloved brand IP. She’s driven by enriching fan experiences, demystifying new technologies for consumers, and working with wicked smart people.