The Hackerspace will be the center of ecosystem collaboration and community exchange at the Web3 Summit.

Find out more about the self-organized and participant-driven Hackerspace Nodes below and stop by at Studio 2.0 at the Web3 Summit 2018!

Node 01. Design Thinking for Blockchains Hosted by Patara - Burak Arikan, Cenk Dolek & Engin Erdogan Node 02. Nature 2.0 Hosted by Garrett MacDonald, Ewald Hesse, Trent McConaghy, Primavera de Filippi, Dimi DeJonghe & Paul Siedler as well as Shermin Voshmgir, Jakob Hackel and Valentin Kalinov from the Cryptoeconomics Research Lab, WU Wien Node 03. Decentralized Art Hosted by Sam Brown - Building A World; Exhibition curated by Alexine Rodenhuis Node 04. UX - User Experience Hosted by CONFLUX - Aqueel Mohammad Node 05. Technical Teachings Hosted by KI Decentralized - Eric Holst & Wilfried Kopp Node 06. DApp City hosted by Streamr - Juuso Takalainen, Eric Andrews, Miroslav Pokrovskii, Jarno Marttila, Weilei Yu & Amandine Flachs Node 07. Decentralize NOW! hosted by Griff Green Node 08. Security Node Hosted by - Nick Munoz-McDonald, Adam Kolar & Fabio Hildebrand Node 09. VR Hosted by James Levy & Julia Schofield Node 10. Pop-up Node hosted by - anyone or any project that wants to engage with the attendees